Impact by Insight Data-Analysis

Financial Services

We have decades of experience working in the finance industry. From banking to investing to crypto, we are familiar with the customers, products, and requirements that financial service providers have to consider each and every day in order to compete and thrive.

Marketing Analytics

We all know marketing is a necessity, how but well are your various marketing efforts actually working? Do promotions and discounts bring in new customers or are they just giveaways? We go beyond the top level vanity metrics to determine true incremental ROI and impact on your bottom line.

Impact by Insight consulting

Restaurant & Retail

The Retail and Restaurant space is extremely competitive and margins are tight. We can help provide in-depth understanding of your product mix, impact of discounts and promotions, or location footprint. Not to mention create more robust and comprehensive reporting and insight tools to help you get that full 360 degree view of your business.

Operations Analytics

Getting your business to run like a well-oiled machine can save you time and money. This can range from product analytics to logistics. If you collect data on how your business runs, we can help you find ways to make it run better.