Only Owners

By Analysts For Analysts

We believe that employees of all types should have incentive to perform beyond the paycheck.  While the mission of helping firms make better decisions through data informed insights is the what of our organization, we feel it is only equally as important as the how of our organization: to build an analytical firm for analysts, by analysts.  We strive to build an environment that maximizes analysts’ ability to thrive, and we embrace the “Only Owners” philosophy as an integral piece of the equation. 

Only Owners is a system designed to produce equity and revenue-sharing rewards that far exceed what analysts typically receive.

Why go to these lengths?

Simple. We know that when people are invested in a firm’s success and rewarded for execution that generates revenue, then a shared focus becomes inherent.  The motivational tools often used at other firms can be insulting since they don’t result in additional compensation for those who deliver the results.  Tokens such as additional paid-time off, work-day flexibility, flexible dress codes, inclusion in high profile projects, free food, branded swag, and, laughably, small gift cards are often thrown out as “rewards” for employees in lieu of equitable pay for contributions. This only exists because shareholders benefit when employees are paid less, and the token gifts are tax write-offs anyway. 


Impact by Insight was founded on the principle that analytics add value, and that value comes from analysts. Our incentive model marries value creation with compensation. Every employee is compensated for the value they bring to the organization, above and beyond a base salary and annual inflation-based raises.  While we may tweak this system to fit our organization as it matures, we are committed to incentives that work in this fashion.