Shining Stars

You Are Actively Encouraged To Shine As Brightly As You Want

It has been our experience that corporations tend to limit the “upside” of talent and rely on muted external voices to prevent the brightest stars from shining brightly.  While we believe this problem exists among most modern office disciplines, we have found that this is an acute problem for data and analytical staff.  Dedicated to reversing that culture, the “Shining Stars” philosophy is our response to this issue.  Simply put, we strive to create a team of individuals who are free to produce the maximum value of which they are capable, and to specifically credit these people for their work internally and externally.

This is achieved via the following policies:


These principles allow analysts to shine by getting the credit they deserve for their work.  We realize we are setting a new precedent for how analysts are treated by upholding these simple guidelines.  Providing analyst contributors the ability to feature their work in shareable environments allows for the value of skillsets to be illustrated.  Giving analysts a voice and the freedom to express themselves enables them to maximize their networks and build their brands.  When an analyst encounters resistance to their growth, we want to disrupt that environment by providing a path out through coaching and inclusion in our network.  Impact by Insight intends to create the ultimate analyst-driven culture and will refine our practices over time to ensure such culture endures indefinitely. 

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