Workday To Fit

Professionalism Without the Pomp and Circumstance

Flexibility in how and when a person works is baked into Impact by Insight’s culture.  We are founded by active people who lead full lives and pursue a multitude of passions.  This makes us happy and, as a result, better at our craft.  Along the journey we realized the traditional workday as it has been known is over.  Upon taking on engagements, we require that analysts meet the commitments to the organizations with which we work, including being available when clients need them during “traditional” hours.  However, beyond those expectations, Impact by Insight team members may meet obligations using a structure that is unique to them.  Impact by Insight team members Workday to Fit provides embedded flexibility that removes outdated formalities while preserving a professional culture.

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Our Approach


With the flexibility to match the modern work environment, we have created a home for dedicated professionals to manifest meaningful careers and enjoy life.  We believe this should be the standard everywhere, but we see many firms are not there yet. Therefore, we will leverage the culture our approach produces to dislodge and land top talent.