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We are a team of expert consultants who help the world’s leading companies use data to better their business. People and data are at the heart of everything we do.

Financial Services

We have decades of experience working in the finance industry. From banking to investing to crypto, we are familiar with the customers, products, and requirements that financial service providers have to consider each and every day in order to compete and thrive.

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Restaurant and Retail

The Retail and Restaurant space is extremely competitive and margins are tight. We can help provide in-depth understanding of your product mix, impact of discounts and promotions, or location footprint. Not to mention create more robust and comprehensive reporting and insight tools to help you get that full 360 degree view of your business.

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Marketing Analytics

We all know marketing is a necessity, how but well are your various marketing efforts actually working? Do promotions and discounts bring in new customers or are they just giveaways? We go beyond the top level vanity metrics to determine true incremental ROI and impact on your bottom line.

Impact by Insight consulting

Operations Analytics

Getting your business to run like a well-oiled machine can save you time and money. This can range from product analytics to logistics. If you collect data on how your business runs, we can help you find ways to make it run better.

Who We Are

Turning Data Into Action

Impact by Insight provides end-to-end data and analytics services to help businesses identify opportunities, reduce inefficiencies, and compete for customers. Leveraging the power of data and analytics can provide you with the insights you need to move your business forward.

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Our Philosophies

Always Alpha – to be and stay innovative through a dedicated recurring process 

Only Owners – a system designed to produce equity and revenue-sharing

Shining Stars – a brand-building launchpad

Workday To Fit – removes outdated formalities while preserving a professional culture.

Our Approach

Knowledge is power. That’s why large corporations have teams of analysts guiding their decision-making processes every day. Our mission is to bring those same data-driven insights to any sized business on any sized budget. When you have the knowledge, you have the power to compete and grow.

Our Projects

Our Latest Case Study

Andrew Raabe, CFO, Wow Bao, needed a trusted, capable partner to advance critically important business performance reporting capabilities for an enterprise experiencing breakneck growth through physical and digital channels.


The Requirements

In his quest to transform the way he and his team handle, and benefit from, the growing volumes of data flowing in and out of the business, Andrew Raabe, Wow Bao’s Chief Financial Officer, turned to the MeasureMatch professional services marketplace to find a partner to help with operational and financial reporting, marketing analytics and more. ‍ It was especially important to act quickly because the business was losing a critically valuable team member who played an outsized role in building and maintaining the reporting solutions utilized to inform Wow Bao’s PE-backed growth strategy. ‍

The Process

Within 36 hours of submitting his requirements to the MeasureMatch platform, Andrew received eight high-quality pitches from boutique consultancies and independent consultants. ‍ Not wanting to waste any time, a discovery conversation was opened with two boutique consultancies, one of which was Denver, Colorado-based data and analytics services consultancy, Impact by Insight. ‍ Within 10 days, Andrew received and accepted a proposal from Impact by Insight, quickly kickstarting Wow Bao’s journey to advance its data management and business reporting capabilities.

The Result

Impact by Insight played a crucial role in stabilizing KPIs during the team member transition, addressing cumbersome data management processes, and implementing a redesigned set of Tableau dashboards. ‍ "Wow Bao's needs fit perfectly with our skill set, and we have been able to add value all along the way," stated Jason Phillips. ‍ "It's hard for business leaders to find trusted partners for sensitive, strategic initiatives. We pride ourselves on taking this extremely seriously so businesses like Wow Bao feel safe, supported and extremely productive every step of the way," emphasized James Sandoval


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