Business Intelligence & Data Science

Managing your business requires making thousands of decisions. We provide the insights that allow you to make those decisions confidently. Our business intelligence offerings provide the foundations for understanding where your organization is at and where it is going. We also have the data science expertise to uncover hidden relationships and trends in your business. The examples below are just a few ways we can empower you to run your organization more effectively. Do you have a need we didn’t mention? Drop us a line and let us know. Solving problems and creating custom solutions is at the core of what we do.



Dashboards provide quick snapshots into areas of your business. They help track sales, customers, inventory, and just about anything else in visually easy to understand ways. We can build and provide dashboards for your organization that let you keep your eyes on the road..

Marketing Analytics

Marketing has evolved tremendously over the last couple of decades. Email, social media, and even printed coupons all contribute to driving customers to your door. But the true ROI of these efforts might be difficult to pin down. Let us help you understand whether or not your ads are just getting clicks or actually turning into cash.


Understanding data trends can tell you not just where you have been, but also where you're going. Forecasting your business metrics can assist you in everything from effectively managing inventory to helping you decide when to expand. It might just be the next best thing to a crystal ball.
GEO Fencing

Geo-Spatial Analytics

Getting the lay of the land can really help inform your strategy. Knowing where your existing, or potential, customers live can help you target your marketing efforts or decide where to open a new location.

Data Science

Some business questions require serious research and a deep understanding of complex relationships. These advanced data analysis techniques can help guide your business into new areas of revenue or identify potential efficiency gains that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. When you need to get beyond the basic charts and graphs, we can provide the insights that can make a real impact.