Data Engineering

How it works

The ability to access rich, accurate, and timely data is the foundation for any data-driven organization. Business intelligence platforms, data science projects, and effective decision making all depend on the data environment and the insights that come out of it. Yet many organizations find themselves struggling to answer critical questions because the information is locked away in data silos, spreadsheets, or third-party applications. The data experts at Impact by Insight have experience breaking down those data barriers to unlock the pull potential of your data assets.


Data Integration

Many organizations rely on a host of services provided by different vendors. There are tools to record sales, market to your customers via email and social media, and track inventory. And then there are spreadsheets. Thousands of spreadsheets. Each of these may provide details around their own areas of content, but the true insights come from looking at how each of these areas impact one another. For example, understanding how marketing impacts sales helps to plan when and how to run promotions. Or extracting the forecasts created in spreadsheets could help save on inventory. Bringing it all together is central to having a 360-degree view of your business. Let us show you how you can integrate your data sources to make more holistic decisions and save time by escaping the trap of spreadsheets

Data Structures

Data can come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. Often the data that is captured for an application or a business purpose is not easily translated into an engine for insights. Creating a Reporting Data Layer, and the Extract-Load-Translate (ELT) processes that maintain it, is necessary to ensure that the analytical environment stays fresh and available. We can work as your design and implementation team or consult with your internal teams to create an optimal reporting data layer for your organization.

Third Party Data

Having your own data sources cleaned, integrated, and available is great, but wouldn't it be even better if you could access data from across the internet? Petabytes of data are available across the web, and much of it can be accessed for free. From high level social media trends to zip code level census results, these 3rd party sources can provide macro level context to the factors influencing your business. There are now amazing options for external data integrations that can supplement internal data to produce meaningful improvements for analytical content. If you find yourself wondering what is out there and available for you to use, let us go get it for you and show you how to use it to your advantage.