The Benefits of Monitoring DoorDash Analytics for Your Restaurant

Impact by Insight

In today’s highly competitive restaurant industry, data-driven decision-making is crucial for success. There are many valuable tools that can provide actionable insights, such as Google Analytics and Google Ads. Another tool that can be particularly beneficial for a restaurant owner is DoorDash. This popular food ordering platform has its own analytics dashboard for clients, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your business performance and customer base.  

Even simple stats, like order size or net sales, can offer a wealth of information. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways DoorDash’s dashboard can benefit your restaurant, and how a professional analytics company (like us) can help you make the most of the numbers.

Understanding Your Customers

One significant advantage of DoorDash’s analytics is the ability to better understand your customers. The platform includes a “heat map,” which gives you a visual idea of where your orders are coming from in real time. You will also be able to see which orders are repeat clients and which are new or occasional. This can help you decide what areas to target with your marketing dollars. 

You will also be able to respond directly to customer reviews via the DoorDash dashboard. Reviews continue to be a major factor in diners’ choice of venue. In fact, a study by Harvard Business School found that, for every one star increase in a Yelp review, a restaurant could expect to gain between 5 and 9 percent in revenue. Responding to and mitigating negative reviews in a timely manner can help you curate a good overall customer approval rating. 

Sales & Revenue

DoorDash also provides you with your sales data, including sales by product, average ticket size, error charges, and number of orders. You’ll be able to spot key trends that can help you forecast revenue and increase efficiency. For example, items that no one seems to order might be scrapped in favor of something new that is in keeping with customer preferences and feedback. Likewise, the average number of orders can guide the staff scheduling process: you can ensure adequate coverage on busy days, and avoid unnecessary payroll expenditures on slower ones. 

Operational Feedback

DoorDash’s analytics allows users to set certain goals based on industry standards for things like avoidable cancellations, wait times, and missing/incorrect percentages. It automatically monitors these data points and alerts you when you are below your goal. You will also be provided with an overall operations grade, which can give you a general idea of how your business is running. 

Building a Custom DoorDash Analytics Dashboard Takes Work

At Impact by Insight, data is our bread and butter. As a busy restaurant owner, you may not have the time or desire to put your data to work. Our experience has taught us that the reporting features of DoorDash are difficult to use. This is where we come in. We interpret your metrics and suggest ways to implement meaningful change. Our approach involves integrating your DoorDash analytics with other tools at your disposal, such as your Google Analytics. We create a custom dashboard for you that will enable us to gain a clear picture of where you are doing well and where you can improve. 

In 2023, data is a necessity in order to remain competitive. Let us help you make use of the tools available to you and translate your data into action. Call or go online today to set up a consultation. 

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